Meet/Cruise #7 Writeup

May 6th, 2013 | Posted by chappelle in Event Photography

Yesterday we finally held our 7th main event, after quite some time without an event we have hit back hard with a massive turn out.

I’d estimate we have 130 cars there at least, and probably twice as many people. A great turn out and thank you so much to all of you that coming down.

I don’t know if many other photographers were down there but I got what I could in the short time I had to get around to all the cars.

Photography by Ryan Chappell exclusively for

We started out at City Beach, a massive turn out for the meet, a great atmosphere – everyone was very well behaved here so we appreciate that.
We went on up the coast, through a few meet points and ending up in Kalamunda where we went through the Zig Zag scenic drive and then on through the tunnel.

A great variety of quality cars there last night, hope to see you all on the next one.


My apologies if I couldn’t get a picture of your car, I would have loved to be able to get some more pictures but I was pretty busy.

Keep an eye on here, Facebook, and the forums for future events.

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